Photo captions: Kitty Finn’s Christmas tree decorated with stars made from the tops of Greek yogurt tubs. The tree and Santa sweatshirt were also re-purposed. The eight-foot tree was 8 at the Goodwill and the Santa sweatshirt was 25 cents. Photos from Kitty Finn

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Evanston resident Kitty Finn sent the RoundTable news and photos of a holiday-themed recycling project. She wrote, “I’m inspired to reuse, recycle and re-purpose. Perhaps my idea can be used to inspire others to create decorations using simple items rescued from the garbage.”

Ms. Finn, who buys Greek yogurt in the quart-sized tubs, said she envisioned a star cut from the foil lids and then used to decorate a Christmas tree. 

“I saved the lids; traced and cut-out the stars; punched a whole into each one, added hooks and hung them on my Christmas tree.”