As we approach the holiday season I have, in the past, offered you some gift ideas for the anglers in your life. This year I’m going to not recommend the really inexpensive fishing sets for the younger, beginning fishermen, because they simply don’t last, and when they breakdown everyone is disappointed.

I believe you would be better off spending $20 more and getting a well-made outfit for the young angler – something like the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Youth Spincast. This unit will last the young angler for a number of years and is versatile when fishing for bluegill, perch, bass – just about any species you want to fish for.

For the more advanced anglers, let’s talk about the most versatile fishing rod for going after bigger fish. I think I would recommend a 7-foot medium-action baitcasting rod like the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite. You can spend a lot more for a fishing rod, but for most of us this is a top-notch fishing rod for all the fishing we will be doing, and it’s my favorite to fish with.

You can match that with either a Bass Pro Formula Baitcaster or an Abu Garcia Silver Max Baitcaster and you will have a really great setup for bass fishing, walleye fishing, or almost anything else you choose to fish for.

I have been doing some changing of fishing line late this year and have made some major changes in the line I recommend. I will go into that in some detail next time, along with some thoughts on spinning rods and reels.

Until next time…keep a tight line.