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School District 65 Secures Bids for Roofing, Masonry, and Asbestos Abatement Work for Next Summer

 On Dec. 9, Raphael Obafemi, Chief Financial and Operating Officer of School District 65, presented a recommendation that the School Board accept bids for nine capital projects totaling about $4.5 million for the summer of 2020. In line with priorities discussed at the Committee’s Nov. 4 meeting, the projects focus on roof and masonry repairs and the removal and replacement of asbestos floor tiles. Mr. Obafemi presented his recommendation at a meeting that was scheduled for the Finance Committee of the School Board.

Mr. Obafemi said these projects address critical repairs needed in the District.

Mr. Obafemi said the administration worked with the District’s general architectural firm, ARCON, on the project to remove and replace asbestos floor tiles, and that in the request for bids, they bundled the flooring work needed at multiple schools in an effort to obtain savings. Two companies bid on the work. He said by bundling the work, they were able to secure a bid that was about $25,000 less than anticipated.

Additionally, Mr. Obafemi said, the administration worked with the District’s roofing and masonry architectural firm, Hutchinson Design Group Ltd. for the roofing removal and replacement work. Five bids were received for the roofing work, and six bids were received for the masonry work.  Mr. Obafemi said they were able to secure bids for this work at about $200,000 less than anticipated by making the request for bids well before the summer.

The recommended bids are as follows:

Flooring replacement at multiple sites for $275,485 – Consolidated Flooring

Roofing work at Chute, Dawes, King Arts and Nichols for $2,071,800 – A-1 Roofing Company

Roofing work at Kingsley for $521,000 – All American

Roofing work at Washington for $427,000 – Bennett & Brosseau

Masonry work at Nichols for $986,000 – Ward Contracting

Masonry work at Oakton for $225,000 – Berglund Contracting

Mr. Obafemi said none of the bidders are firms based in Evanston, but that the District would encourage the successful bidders to hire local people to work on the projects.

On Nov. 4, Mr. Obafemi said the estimated cost of roofing repairs currently facing the District is about $20 million, and the estimated cost of masonry repairs is about $5 million. He recommended that virtually all of the money available for capital projects in the next five years go towards those repairs.

Update: The School Board approved the bids on Dec. 16