Photo from Evanston Fire Department

Shortly after 3 p.m. on Dec. 22, the Evanston Fire Department responded to a call at 620 Barton Ave., for a reported bedroom fire in a multi-family apartment building. When Engine 24 arrived on scene at the large, multiple unit residence, they heard audible alarms and saw residents evacuating the premises.

As the crew from Engine 24 made their way through the smoke-filled hallway of the apartment, they found the sprinkler head was activated and keeping the fire in check in the room where the fire was located. This allowed fire crews to extinguish the remaining fire.

Newly constructed multi-family residences are required by City ordinance to have an audible alarm and sprinkler protection system installed. The management company of this property had the building retro-fitted with sprinklers to comply with current City ordinances. The combination of audible alarms, a sprinkler system and a quick response by the EFD prevented the loss of lives and property.

“The fire alarm and sprinkler system worked exactly as designed, saving both lives and property.” said Fire Chief Brian Scott.