Things I’d Rather Not:

  – have a disease named after me

  – become famous or, worse, infamous

  – knowingly, or even accidentally, harm any living creature

  – be the last living person on earth

  – lose my sense of humor

  – disbelieve in something more, something after life

  – expect others to be just like me

  – live in darkness

  – let any kind of anger or resentment take up precious space in my head

  – let fear of the unknown stop me from trying to find out

  – grow old, be ungrateful or die all alone

  – lose a friend, for any reason

  – dilute my spirit by wanting to be someone else

 – have even a crumb of hatred in my heart

 – be unforgiving

 – deny or ignore the past without first learning its lessons

 – become arrogant or righteous in my beliefs

 – imprison myself with any label

 – think that woman is in any way a lesser being

 – forget that what’s inside any person is what really matters

 – judge others, unless and until it becomes necessary. 

   Even then, I’d rather not.