School District 65 is currently projecting that its K-8 enrollment will decline from 7,396 students in school year 2019-2020 (SY’20) to 7,005 students in SY25, or a decline of 391 students.

If these projections hold true, the District’s enrollment would have reached a 20 year peak of 7,559 students in SY’17, and then begun a slow decline. Between SY’10 and SY’17, enrollment climbed from 6,339 students to 7,559, an increase of 1,220 students. The increases required the District to undertake many building projects, including both classroom additions and cafeteria expansions, to accommodate the growth.

The chart below shows the actual student enrollment from SY’10 through SY’20, and the projected growth for SY’21 through SY’25.

Only three of the District’s schools are projected to have an increased enrollment between SY’20 and SY’25: Bessie Rhodes (+29); Chute (+6); and King Arts (+36).

The rest of the District’s schools are projected to have a declining enrollment between SY’20 and SY’25: Dawes (-18); Dewey (-18); Kingsley (-40); Lincoln (-18); Lincolnwood (-13); Oakton (-18); Orrington (-51); Walker (-29); Washington (-24); Willard (-18); Haven (-13); and Nichols (-7).

Leo Ruiz, Student Information Manager in the District’s Research, Accountability and Data Department, said the department has identified typical error rates for one-year projections of more than 2% and for five-year projections of more than 5%.