We want to know where you go and what you eat when you crave your favorite Evanston foods. Any reader of the Evanston RoundTable is welcome to respond. Send emails to cultfaves.food@gmail.comPlease use this address rather than sending entries via the ‘Submit a comment’ online form below.

Make sure your nominations adhere to these guidelines:

  • Must be a dish served at an Evanston restaurant within zip codes 60201, 60202, 60203, or 60208.
  • The restaurant does not have to be in business currently, but it must have been open at some point during 2019.
  • It must be a food or dessert, something that can be chewed, slurped or licked, available to the general public for a stated price. We will announce a similar call out for drinks and beverages within the coming months.
  • If your kids have favorites, menu items specifically designed for kids, let us know.
  • ‘Restaurant’ includes any licensed, tax-paying food provider including food trucks, food stands, stand-alone restaurants or restaurant chains.
  • Include the name of the dish, the restaurant the serves (or served) it, and why you love it. Photos welcome but not required.
  • All entries welcome regardless of category, meal or price point.
  • Please limit your favorites to three specific items.
  • Entries must be received by March 19. 
  • Final list will be compiled using numerical and subjective information provided by reader input as stated above.

Look for our list of Top 10 Cult Favorites soon!

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