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The things occurring at the United States border are unacceptable. Migrant children are being taken away from their families and put into detention centers with poor conditions. They are forced to sleep on cold floors with inadequate clothing and blankets. The children are given meager food rations and toddlers are not fed age-appropriate foods. One girl was even forced to eat spilled soup off the floor. Children are not washed and are living in tiny overcrowded rooms. Parents are sometimes told to sign papers written in English with no translation provided. Another problem occurring is that migrants are not being allowed to cross the border and must stay in unsafe refugee camps or go back to the dangerous areas that they came from. 

Although Evanston alone cannot stop this, we can support the effort to allow migrants into our country and better the living conditions in our detentions centers. Ways that we can do this include donating to organizations that are helping detained migrants and refusing to buy from companies that support this detention. We can also organize marches and flash mobs as a form of protest. And we can spread the word, telling people what is happening. 

 Cora Ebels Duggan

 Pope John XXIII School

 7th Grade