Interim Public Health Manager Greg Olsen has been appointed Public Health Manager. He  will be responsible for managing the department’s public and environmental health programs and staff, including restaurant inspections, food safety, lead poisoning prevention, vector and rodent control, beach water safety, tobacco cessation, emergency response and health and wellness initiatives.

He holds a master’s degree in public health and a graduate certificate in epidemiology from the University of Illinois in Springfield, and a Bachelor of Science in public health from Northern Illinois University. 

Mr. Olsen began his career with the City of Evanston in 2014 as a licensed environmental health practitioner, and was promoted to senior environmental health practitioner in 2015. Since April 2019, he has served as senior management analyst and interim public health manager, filling the position of Ike Ogbo, who was appointed Health and Human Services director.

“Protecting the health and well-being of our community is of the utmost importance, and Greg has done an outstanding job as the City’s interim public health manager,” said Mr. Ogbo. “With more than a decade of experience in the public and environmental health field, Greg is an excellent choice to lead the City’s efforts in the years to come.”