evanistonroundtable.com is a community news website, formerly newspaper, committed to Evanston, recognizing and celebrating diversity, while nurturing a sense of oneness, not of mind but of spirit. Its founders, owners and editors have from day one focused on “what really matters” – Evanston, its government, its schools, its neighborhoods, its businesses, its people. At the heart of its mission is social justice, quality of life and the futures of its children.

For 22 years now, the RoundTable has delivered factual  and penetrating news to this community. It has greatly appreciated the support of its advertisers and readers, especially its staff, and believes it has made, and continues to make in its new iteration, a significant difference in Evanston’s profile. 

Community is an umbrella word, offering many forms. Applied to Evanston as a whole it defines a truly unique place to live, work and raise a family. Its neighborhoods are varied, its problems undenied. Its resources of caring and  involved residents provide an ever-present energy. On all levels Evanston’s community experiences a vitality unafraid to struggle with its problems, both local and global, that painfully confront and challenge its growth.

The RoundTable believes that Evanston’s diversity is a resource that should not be a battleground but, rather, a workplace offering an opportunity for growth to those who live here. Diversity is not a disease. It’s the healthy heartbeat that makes Evanston Evanston. The many differences of its people’s minds and talents and histories render us all learners. Diversity is meant to open minds, not close them. The RoundTable has consistently aimed to do just that.

Oneness doesn’t mean giving in, becoming like everyone else, or stifling a voice that needs to be heard. Oneness to the RoundTable is a spirit that realizes we are all connected, a feeling that Evanston is a home we share and that we are all responsible for its upkeep.  Littering effects us all, violence makes us bleed, racism is a cancer in our midst. 

This spirit of oneness should orchestrate the resources of diversity and be the best caretaker of our community. Every problem the RoundTable addresses reflects that mindset.

Community. Diversity. Oneness. For 22 years Evanston’s RoundTable has tried to ensure what matters most matters to every resident; to improve the quality of life and education in every way, at every level.

22 years. Happy Birthday to us.