Is it later than you think, or did you remember to spring forward with your clocks last night?

The National Weather Service reported temperatures of Lake Michigan yesterday as 40° at the Chicago shore and 38° at the Chicago crib.

It’s International Women’s Day, and there’s a lot to think about. Some are saddened, some frustrated and some just agape at the speed with which the female candidates for president dropped out. One way of course to look at it is that, at one point, a lot of women – more than ever before – put themselves out there to lead the country.

Nevertheless, women will always persist.

The Centers for Disease Control is encouraging older people – those over 60 – O.K., Boomers? – and those with severe chronic medical conditions to “stay home as much as possible.”

Will fist-bumping replace hand-shaking? Keeping your hands away from your face could become the newest exercise in self-discipline. And Buzzfeed, Entertainment Weekly and all have lists of songs to sing while hand-washing. “Happy Birthday,” for some, it seems, is passé.

There are lovely things to do today. Hope everyone can find one or two.

— Mary Gavin