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On March 11, City Health and Human Services Director Ikenga Ogbo alerted members of the City’s Medical Review Corps via email that a person who had a been at a faith-based institution located in Evanston recently had tested positive for COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus). That person is not an Evanston resident.

Mr. Ogbo’s email to the MRC stated in part, “The individual might have exposed a number of individuals at a faith-based institution in Evanston. … Right now, the assessment is that those who were potentially exposed are of low to medium risk.”

Mr. Ogbo told the RoundTable the letter to the MRCs “pertains to our response efforts regarding any potential spread of the COVID-19. We are investigating a particular situation that might require some assistance in contact tracing from our MRCs. Right now, we are planning and investigating but currently there are no Evanston residents that have been reported to have COVID-19.”