It is Women’s History Month, a month to respect and honor women and their accomplishments and have compassion for their challenges.

Insecurity appeared at her door

It had come there many times before.

It wore a supercilious grin.

She wavered back and forth about letting it in. 

She wished it would listen to a plea

To just go away and let her be. 

In the past when insecurity did her seize,

It made her constantly ill at ease. 

It caused her to be on high alert

For anything she thought might hurt. 

Her self-confidence steadily declined. 

Not being respected was always on her mind. 

If someone in school or at work got a good grade,

Insecurity made pride in her success fade. 

If a friend or stranger was highly praised,

Her self-doubt and discomfort were greatly raised.

   (“Don’t let anyone steal your spirits.” (Sinbad 1959, comedian)

On every topic she would constantly vie

To echo what was said or make a point to defy.

“You don’t always have to have something to say.” (Sammy Davis Jr., 1925-90, entertainer)  

“The ego needs recognition.” (Stuart Wilde, 1946 –2013, British writer)

Her observers hoped insecurity would let her go

And not be so callous and fill her with woe.

Perhaps, those whom insecurity has driven to wit’s end

Should examine their childhood. It may help their psyches mend.

   (“You cannot fix what you will not face.” (James Baldwin, 1924 – 1987, American novelist, playwright, essayist, poet, and activist)

   “When self-respect takes its rightful place in the psyche, you will not allow yourself to be manipulated by anyone.”  (Indira Mahindra)