A window on the world of the corona virus appeared Friday on an Evanston house on Grant Street. Photo by Janet G. Messenger

Good Morning, Evanston, It’s Saturday, March 21, the 81st day of this leap year – for the next three years it will be the 80th day of the year. Lake Michigan’s water temperature is still in the low 40s – 45 degrees at the Chicago crib and 43 degrees  at the Chicago shore. We’re just over a week into the coronavirus pandemic and day one of the state lockdown, and the new normal may not have reached its nadir.

Governor J.B. Pritzker has ordered a lockdown for all non-essential personnel – and to determine who is essential, he has a list and will probably check it twice.

“Noli me tangere” – “don’t touch me” – is that where we are?

It’s a Latin phrase (well, command) appearing in the Book of John in the Christian New Testament, ascribed to Jesus talking to Mary Magdalene after his resurrection. Sir Thomas Wyatt brought the phrase to the English literary world with his “Whoso List to Hunt” poem, presumably about Anne Boleyn: “Noli me tangere for Caesar’s I am.”

José Rizal, one of the national heroes of the Philippines during the time Spain was colonizing the islands, took that for the title of his book to “describe perceived inequities of the Spanish Catholic friars and the ruling government.”

Right now, we just don’t know how long anything will last. Hunkering down, coupled with uncertainty, can stretch one pretty thin. One thing certain is less (as in less direct contact) is more (prudent).

Janet G. Messenger sent this photo of what may be the sentiments of all of us.

Hang in there; this community is pulling together. Lots of people are using this quote by the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz *the movie anyway): “It’s going to get worse before it gets better.” And that is not all pessimism; the pendulum swings.