March 25.  This is a dark patch for every one of us, even for those who have stumbled late into the gloom. Our world has never seen anything like this, though there have been other, even more devastating pandemics. This virus is insidious, invisible and, to date, practically unstoppable. Who of us ever imagined a world in which “Keep your distance” would mean “I love you?”

What happened (and didn’t happen) in China is beyond tragic (and shameful). What continues in Italy and across Europe is terrifying, as is what is still spreading across our country. Finally, the powers that be in Washington have begun to understand COVID-19 is not “just another flu.”

Here in Evanston many have been fortunate to hear and respond to the early warning signals and have sheltered-in-place long days ago. Our local government and hospitals were “on it” early and, thus far, the number of those infected has been relatively minimal.  We are all working to “flatten the curve” and waiting for breakthrough news telling us that is beginning to happen.

Meanwhile, there is a togetherness here in this crisis that is hopeful. What’s happening is bigger than any one or even all of us. We sure don’t like the isolation, or the control factor from others, even family, though we know it’s all about caring and slaying this beast. But we can still make choices and, by the grace of God and good sense, make the right ones while also learning and doing what works. 

I don’t like dark, never have, so I keep looking for, going toward the light. So many in our community are all part of that. Our friends and neighbors are as caring as family. We are grateful for our frontline heroes, for the love we’re feeling and hope that ours comes close to returning it and then some.  

This too shall pass, even while it’s shaping our world far beyond our control. These are testing times but out of them we will create a better, wiser world. Necessity may be the mother of invention but adversity is her grandparent. 

So, let’s bite the bullet, continue to circle the wagons, pray, especially for those on the frontline, do what needs doing and see it through. The light is all of us.