March 25.  (With a tip of the digital hat to lyricist Bob Russell, sung to the Duke Ellington tune “Never No Lament”)

Used to roam around the town,

To a movie, diner or the store,

Now I hole up in my gown,

Don’t get around much anymore.

A bon vivant without a par,

Now I’m really quite a bore,

Made the rounds of every bar,

Don’t get around much anymore.


They say it’s a foreign vi-rus,

Still it’s not de-sirous

To mix in local company;

Must keep a “social distance”

At the Governor’s insistence,

Crowds are such an impropriety.

Miss the bustling old pace

Parties, ballgames and plenty more,

Now I’m stuck in my own place

Don’t’ get around much anymore.

Sure wish I could leave the house

All I do is pace the floor

All this time spent with the spouse

Don’t get around much anymore.