Martha Rosenberg, as always, gets it.

The Traffic Guy hears …

… that the old Robert Crown is almost down. Videographer and photographer Steve Lemieux-Jordan has been sending his drone out to check on the progress.

… that the City has temporarily suspended its draconian practice of issuing parking tickets. Through the end of March, the parking enforcement officers (PEOs) will issue fines for parking in front of a fire hydrant or stop sign, blocking a bike lane or alleyway or just plain parking in a “No Parking” zone. The City urges residents to comply with street-sweeping restrictions but, through April 12, PEOs will issue only warning tickets, not violations. Scofflaws must pay the fines incurred between March 16 and April 30, but penalties for non-payment of these fines will be waived. Finally, the boot and the barnacle will be given a rest through May 16.

… that Evanstonians are pulling together through this crisis, trying -as is most everyone else in the country – to mediate the tensions between economics and health.

… that, as Martha Rosenberg’s cartoon points out, people are out more frequently walking their dogs. With athletic clubs and gyms closed or restricted, maybe dog-walking will make it as the next Olympic sport – with the decision to postpone the Summer Olympics, there’s a lot of time to train.

… that the City plans to extend the Church Street bike lane west to the Skokie limits and add a bike-and-pedestrian path on the Evanston side of the canal between Church and Dempster. The Illinois Department of Transportation controls that section of Dodge. So, would the State chip in for part of this two-year project?

… that the City is seeking proposals from experienced engineering firms to assess the concrete in the Maple Avenue, Church Street and Sherman Plaza parking garages and the Service Center on Asbury Avenue kitty-corner from the Civic Center.

… that the nine-story senior living facility approved several years ago for 1815 Ridge Avenue is emerging and looking for City design, etc., approval. The proposal calls for 160 units, 43 of which are “dwelling units” and 70 parking spaces.

… that there will be a sliver of a new moon tonight and tomorrow night, in the west below Venus.

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that, while Evanstonians are paying pretty close attention to the need for social distancing, stop signs such as TG have been at it for years, maintaining a decorous distance of at least one block.

… that there are a lot of reasons to laud this community for what its leaders and residents are doing to help everyone through. Curtis Mayfield, the Chicago-based singer and songwriter, might serenade us with a couple of snippets from his many, many songs: “People, get ready” and “We just keep on keeping on.”