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It’s March 31, the 91st day of the year. Yesterday’s Lake Michigan temperatures were 43 degrees at the Chicago crib and 44 degrees at the Chicago shore.

This day in history (from

  • 1889, The Eiffel Tower is dedicated in Paris. Gustave Eiffel won the government’s competition to design a monument to honor the centenary of the French Revolution
  • 1943, “Oklahoma!” premiers on Broadway
  • 1959,The Dalai Lama, fleeing the Chinese suppression of a national uprising in Tibet, crosses the border into India, where he is granted political asylum.

When 15 Months Equals a Year

Today is also Equal Pay Day, the day that represents how far into the year women must work to earn what men did the previous year. We’ll be watching the gender-discrimination lawsuit filed by 28 members of the world champion United States women’s soccer team against U.S. Soccer. That entity is their employer as well as the federation that governs soccer in this country. The women are suing for equity in pay and working conditions.

A Buzz Even Miss Willard Might Approve

A Rogers Park distillery is switching from spirits to sanitizer, Koval Distillery, which makes organic whiskey, bourbon, gin and other hard liquor, has received permission to make hand sanitizer, and there are some Evanston connections. The head of Koval, Sonat Birnecker Hart, is a graduate of ETHS. One of her classmates is Josh Gilbert, founder of Temperance Beer Company, and Temperance donated 16 kegs of beer – 248 gallons to Koval to help with the effort. The main salesperson at Koval is Otto Ade, another ETHS alum.

But it doesn’t stop there. Koval has donated hand sanitizer to Evanston Hospital and the Evanston Police Department. Koval is donating what it can and selling the product to keep everything going. It’s wonderful to see how these people responded so quickly and compassionately to this crisis. Mr. Gilbert told the RoundTable, “We’re grateful to be able to help in any way we can.

And Now, the Bad News

The City reports that, with new information coming out each day, new scams and myths are keeping pace throughout the digital world. It’s discouraging that some would take advantage of others in this time when we all should be helping each other.

The information can be found at Check with the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization before reacting to any of these myths and scams, which cover stockpiling more food and staples than are needed for a couple of weeks, purchasing treatments or equipment or taking over-the-counter medications or doing other things in the belief there is a cure for Covid-19, giving out personal information via text or email in order to receive a government check, opening emails that claim to be from the CDC.