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For almost a decade, the RoundTable has posted at least one April Fool story on this date. Many of these delighted the community members with their whimsy (that the City had changed the eponymous founder of the City from John Evans to Dale Evans, that a medium had contacted Harley Clarke, who demanded his home back); others verged so close to reality that City officials were deluged with protests (having to purchase snow-stickers to have the street in front of one’s property cleared, reserving part of Lee Street Beach one day a week for employees of Trader Joe’s). This year we are skipping that tradition.

Today is also Census Day, and we encourage everyone who has not responded to the census questions to do so. Responses are confidential but they are legally required. Moreover, the answers about population and demographic will help shape the future of Evanston and beyond as federal funds are allocated and Congressional representatives are chosen. Residents have received an invitation and a Census ID. So log on and be counted.