"Why did Cinderella get kicked off the baseball team? She always ran away from balls."

It’s April 6, the 97th day of the year. Yesterday the temperature of Lake Michigan was 46 degrees at the Chicago crib and the same at the Chicago shore. 

This day in history (from history.com)

1841, John Tyler is sworn in as president after the death of William Henry Harrison, who died after being in office only one month.

1896, the tradition of Olympic games is revived in Athens, Greece, 1,500 years after having been banned by the Roman Emperor Theodosius I.

1917, The U.S. officially enters World War I when the House of Representatives endorses a declaration of war against Germany passed two days before by the Senate.

We’re beginning the fourth week of official local recognition of Covid-19, the world-ravaging pestilence. Midwesterners are known to be a hardy group, and Evanstonians are digging in and helping out with determination, pride, gratitude and, now and then, a bit of humor. Check out the rotating photos here for a cartoon by Martha Rosenberg, a Joke of the Day written on a chalkboard outside a home in northwest Evanston, exercise advice from a yard sign, and a thank-you note from a preschooler.

Tomorrow night’s moon will rise at 7:03 p.m. and be a full moon at 9:35. And it promises to be spectacular: EarthSky.org says it will be the biggest supermoon of the year, because of its close alignment with the lunar perigee – the closest point in its monthly orbit that the moon comes to the Earth. The April full moon is called the Pink Moon, because it comes at the time when pink wild ground phlox blooms. It’s also called the Fish Moon, because that’s when salmon swim upstream to spawn and the Grass Moon or Sprouting Grass Moon.

April’s supermoon follows the March 9 supermoon; the May 7 supermoon will be the last supermoon of 2020.

This week is full of sacred holidays. Passover begins on April 8 and ends in the evening of April 16. April 9 is Maundy Thursday; April 10, Good Friday; and April 12. Seders and Easter celebrations may be physically remote but they will help bring people together.

Mary Gavin

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