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… that construction season is creeping up, though. Beginning April 13, crews from Builders Paving of Hillside will be resurfacing Golf Road between Waukegan Road and McCormick Boulevard. The project involves replacing curbs, installing accessible ADA ramps at intersections, repairing the roadway base, replacing the asphalt surface curb-to-curb and striping the roadway. Since this section of Golf is a state highway, the Illinois Department of Transportation will monitor the project. Folks may contact Resident Engineer Anthony Lee at 847-508-2573 with concerns and contact Sat Nagar, P.E., senior project manager at 3-1-1 or 847-448-4311 with general questions about the project.

… that Pace bus service has implemented “Quick Board, Safe Board” policy that will remain in place throughout the length of Governor J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order. Under this policy, Pace will waive collecting fares on fixed-route bus and ADA paratransit service. Pace urges passengers to limit travel to essential trips, board and take a seat as soon as possible, practice social distancing, cover coughs and stay home if they are sick.

… that, with the stay-at-home order, traffic congestion is lessening and social distancing is increasing. David Carson recent sent this message: “Anyone else’s car getting three weeks to the gallon now?” And signs mandating social distancing are popping up – at Northwestern University and Perkins Woods, as examples.

… that March was warmer and wetter than average across the state, continuing the winter pattern, according to information from Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford at the University of Illinois’ Illinois State Water Survey. The preliminary statewide average March temperature was 43.5 degrees, 2.20 degrees above the 30-year normal. March marked the fourth consecutive month with statewide average temperatures above the 30-year normal. In comparison, the first three months of 2019 were all 1 to 3 degrees below the 30-year normal, considerably cooler than 2020so far. Preliminary statewide average total March precipitation was 3.96 inches, 1 inch wetter than the 30-year normal.

… that signs of the climate crisis continue to appear. EarthSky reported recently that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef likely experienced its third mass bleaching in the last five years, which was its most widespread bleaching event on record. Bleaching occurs when the living coral expel the algae living in them as a stress response to warmer water, and it damages and sometimes kills the coral over time. According to information in EarthSky, scientists lay this damage at the feet of the rapid warming of the planet and its ocean.

… that Asteroid (52768) 1998 OR 2 will pass Earth on April 29. Earthlings will be in no danger – again, according to posts in EarthSky.org – from this mile-wide asteroid, the biggest asteroid predicted to fly by this year. Astronomers at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico calculate its speed at 19,461 miles per hour.

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that hundreds of thousands of babies could be born in the next several months. Perhaps they will be known as the Covid Kids or the Virus Generation. Any other ideas?

Happy Passover and Happy Easter.