Sallie and Alan Gratch send their message and wishes for Evanston. Photo from Sallie Gratch

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It’s April 13, 114th day of the year. Yesterday the temperature of Lake Michigan was 48 degrees at the Chicago crib and 50 degrees at the Chicago shore.

This day in history:

1742, Handel’s “Messiah” premiers in Dublin.

1870, Metropolitan Museum of Art opens in New York City.

1964, Sidney Poitier wins Best Actor Oscar for “Lilies of the Field.”

1997, Tiger Woods wins the Masters Tournament for the first time.

While the lake temperature is increasing every day, the air is another story. Cold mornings alternate with warmer one, and in a way that prolongs the spring. Remember when the flowers would be out for a week or two and then wilt in one crushingly warm day?

Schools are closed for another two weeks at least, and the conversation at executive levels centers around how and when to reopen the country, the state and the City. Responsible conversations appear have it that in order to reopen, a place needs three Ts – testing, tracing and treatment. Shorting one of these could undo the good that our collective effort has wrought. The push and pull of health vs. economy reflects how people are trying to work out a reasonable articulation of the common good.

There is a lot of good in Evanston, as residents and businesses continue to support each other– buying what they can, including gift cards; acknowledging the bravery and the difficulties of those on the front line; and trying to get food and shelter for those who need it.

Connections has found shelter for about 200 otherwise homeless people; and the City of Evanston, Northwestern University, Valli Produce and others have organized a weekly emergency food pantry at James Park. Evanstonians with proof of residents will be able to pick up a prepackaged box of food on Wednesdays between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Residents should access the pantry in the park by turning west onto Mulford Street from Dodge Avenue.

Tonight the City Council is expected to extend the City’s emergency declaration until May 11. That could mean the Farmers Market may not open as expected, and we trust that folks are already working on ways to get fresh produce to Evanston.

Signs all over town acknowledge the visible and very real good still arising in these trying times: Kids on Simpson Street post a joke of the day; Alan and Sallie Gratch send a message from their 10th-floor apartment, and the picture window in artist Ben Blount’s studio reminds people to stay safe and keep their distance.