Evanston residents are invited to join the Evanston business community on April 25 for the Evanston Shop Local Gift Card Day! Downtown Evanston has partnered with Main-Dempster Mile, Central Evanston Business District, Central Street Evanston, Evanston Chamber of Commerce and City of Evanston to rally support for this community shopping promotion. As most local shops, fitness studios, service providers and others have had to temporarily close their doors for the shelter in place order since April 7, gift card purchases provide a significant boost.

Small businesses need support for many reasons, among them are

  • 40%-60% of small businesses that close after a disaster never re-open
  • 93% of shoppers say that they prefer local retailers
  • Small businesses account for 99.6% of businesses in Illinois
  • Each dollar spent at a local business returns 50 times more money to the local economy.
  • Collectively the small, local businesses are the state’s largest employer
  • Small businesses employ more than half of working class in the United States

    Source: iacce.org/ilovelocal.html

The Evanston small business community is strong, yet every gift card sale will help push business owners out of this crisis. Whether you are purchasing gift cards for Mother’s Day, an upcoming birthday, a “just because” gift to a friend or for yourself, remember that you are helping the business continue to provide our communities with good jobs, quality customer service, and the character that makes our city feel like home.

Downtown Evanston is also leading an Evanston-wide t-shirt fundraiser in cooperation with other business districts to help provide financial assistance to local shop businesses. Downtown Evanston partnered with Underground Printing to print Evanston t-shirts. All proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go back to the local retail community through grants managed by Lend Evanston. T-shirts and other information about efforts to help small local businesses are available at downtownevanston.org.

For additional information about downtown Evanston businesses, please contact Annie Coakley or Laura Brown at info@downtownevanston.org and follow Downtown Evanston on Facebook and Instagram