It’s April 17, the 118th day of the year. Yesterday the temperature of Lake Michigan was 46 degrees at the Chicago crib and 49 degrees at the Chicago shore. Just another snowy Friday.

This day in history (from and

.1521, Martin Luther, a leading figure in the Protestant Reformation, faces charges for his revolutionary religious writings. As a result of the hearing before the Diet of Worms, he was excommunicated and declared an outlaw.

1979, Apollo 13, carrying astronauts James A. Lovell, John L. Swigert and Fred W. Haise, returns to Earth. Mr. Swigert’s famously understated report to Mission Control: “Houston, we’ve had a problem here.”

1986, The world’s longest war – between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly – ends after 335 years without a single shot having been fired. Some historians doubt that war had ever been declared.

Here it is another Friday, the end of week five of the cascading coronavirus crisis – that is, for those of us who count Day One as Friday the Thirteenth of March. Since for many people the days are the same, everyone is free to choose their own Day One.

Regardless of what number the day is to anyone, here is something everyone can do tonight: Participate in the national #BeTheLight Challenge, recognizing the Evanston Township High School class of 2020. At 8:20 tonight (20:20 military time), ETHS will turn on the lights at Lazier Field and keep them on for 20 minutes to honor and recognize the class of 2020 Wildkits. ETHS Superintendent Eric Witherspoon says, “At the same time, we encourage all ETHS students, families, and staff to join us by turning on or shining a light outside your home. Then, join ETHS in helping shine a brighter light on our seniors by sharing your photos on social media with hashtag: #WildkitsShine #BeTheLight.”

The City has come up with a new name and theme and campaign, Evanstrong. Folks c email “positive pictures, posters, and stories of resiliency to” or share them on social media.

The photo of the masked sculpture at the Harley Clarke mansion is by Mike Roche, who took a stroll around the community a few days ago, chronicling people who continue to work very hard, think of others and retain their sense of humor during this state of emergency. Two others in the rotating photo box are his as well. His caption for the sculpture photo: “Put on your PPEs carefully.”