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Mother Nature woke early, wondering what day of the week it was. “Must be a Monday,” she thought. “Feels like it, anyway.” She stretched and yawned at the same time, then ran her fingers through her tangled hair.

She tried to remember the day before but it was so like the day before that she was momentarily confused. Like the rest of the world these days, she thought.  She has been living in a bubble for almost two months now, keeping away from that awful virus.

“Can’t blame that on me,” she said to herself. “Like blaming war on God,” shaking her head. 

My children do it to themselves, like they do their damage on me. Not on purpose, I know, but just by being careless, unthinking, or believing I’ll heal myself like their bodies do.

Someday, and it seems sooner than later right now, they’ll find out the hard way that it isn’t so. Pay attention, People!

One day won’t do it. Birthday cakes don’t stop time, they just mark it, letting you know another year has come and gone. And Earth Day is just like that. A lot of love and good wishes for the occasion, then it’s right on back to same old, same old. Thanks for the thoughts, ladies and gents, but what are you going to do to clear my lungs, untangle my hair, make me feel healthy again?

Tell you what …   Why not everyone do something extra every day to let me know you’re thinking of me? Like wiping some carbon off the soles of your feet; not being wasteful of energy; taking good care of your piece of me, encouraging others to do the same. Downsize your need for bigger, faster, stronger. As much as I hate to say so, maybe this damn virus is teaching you some of that.

Not trying to be uppity; just wanting you to know my feelings. This whole thing of togetherness to fight that virus has me feeling that our recent Earth Day really means something.

I’ve said it before: “Listen to your mother.”  More than that, take better care of me, please. Together doesn’t mean anything until it means something to each of you. Don’t wait for someone else to do what’s right. Without you joining in, there is no together. 

     So, make every day Earth Day, for your self and for your Mother.