Liz and Patrick Breslin, owners of the Celtic Knot, home of Kiwanis Club meetings. The Kiwanis Club recently purchased ,000 of gift cards to this public house on Church Street. Submitted Photo Credit: Submitted

In 2013 the  Kiwanis Club of Evanston made the Celtic  Knot its home for meetings and luncheons. This has been a partnership that has flourished over the years.   

Kiwanis President Jim Wolinski said that Liz and Patrick Breslin, owners the “Knot” have become friends over the years. 

When the club members realized that all restaurants were struggling because of shelter-in-place’ restrictions and the fact that restaurants were particularly affected, they decided what they could do. 

The result:  Kiwanis Club purchased $1000 worth of gift cards from the Knot.

“We want to help small businesses,” said Mr. Wolinski, “and this was a good way to start.   We are looking forward to resuming our meetings and we’re helping friends.  It’s a good match for them and we can give those gift cards away during our various fund raising events.”

The Breslins have also set up a Gofundme page for their employees.