Assistant Scout Masters Darryl Nishibun, Karen. Jamison and Scout Christopher Denczak deliver gift bags to AMITA Saint Francis Hospital. Photo from Scout Troop 916

Scout Troop 916 meets at Oakton School, just across Ridge Avenue from Amita Saint Francis Hospital. “Community service is a big part of what we do,” said Assistant Scoutmaster Karen Jamison, “and we wanted to show the first responders in our neighborhood that we were thinking of them and appreciated what they were doing.

She an Assistant Scoutmaster Darryl Nishibun presented to the troop the idea of showing their appreciation. Donations from the scouts and their families enabled them to fill 100 care packages the such things as hand cream, lip balm, toothbrush/toothpaste, razor/shaving cream, foot cream, mini massager, popcorn, candy, gum, protein bars and soothing eye patches.

Mr. Nishibun, Ms. Jamison and Scout Christopher Denczak delivered the gift bags to the hospital last week.

A thank-you note and a copy of this poem went into each package:

Doctors, nurses, essential workers all!

We know your days are difficult, you’re certainly not having a ball

Spending time away from your family and friends

In the hopes that your special care will help Covid-19 to come to an end

Stressful & tired are your new normal for now

But please know your actions are truly appreciated and how!

Your commitment and care of our loved ones it’s true

Is a testament to what special people are you

We support you, we thank you in many a way

Our love and prayers are with you every day.

–Thank you, The Scouts & Families of Scout Troop 916, BSA, Out of Oakton School, Evanston