I am a life-long Evanstonian (3rd generation). My family is deeply rooted in this community and we care about what happens to it. I am in full support of foregoing the search for a candidate for City Manager. These are unprecedented times which means that we have to be ready to pivot and make decisions that are best for that moment in time. In this moment given the pandemic, the racial unrest, and the general state of the world, our city needs stability, it needs someone who has an investment in what happens here,  and who has already made a commitment to make to our city a more fair and equitable place to live, work, pray, and play. The current leadership has done an awesome job managing,  especially considering the stress that the budget has been under.

There are SO many things we should be focusing on and collectively combining our efforts to make this world and our community a better place, including the pandemic, the upcoming national election, and all the racial injustices. We (the community and the city council) have to have long range vision, look at the big picture and decide what’s best. This is the moment to make a decision based on performance, proven leadership and experience.


Kimberly Holmes-Ross