The Passion Project is open to people of all/no faiths who are interested in discovering their passion, finding more creativity, and discovering the courage to lead in these troubled times. Meeting monthly in the fall, participants will hear from noted leaders, activists, and artists about how we discern what they are called to in life. Due to COVID-19 precautions, all events will be available online, even if the meetings go ahead in person.

Notable guests include:

  • Richard Kraut, the Charles and Emma Morrison Professor of the Humanities at Northwestern University.

  •  Chris Froeter, local artist and activist whose portraits of activists were showcased here in Evanston.
  • Rev. Robert Lee IV, a descendant of Robert E. Lee and campaigner for the removal of confederate statues

  • Shane Claiborne, author, spiritual leader, and relentless advocate for the poor and marginalized

  • Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, the first woman minister of mainline Protestantism’s most prestigious pulpit, The Riverside Church of New York.

The only requirement for participation is a commitment to pluralism and the ability to acknowledge different perspectives. The Passion Project is funded by a Palmer Grant from the American Baptist Foundation, and a full list of events and how to participate is at Lake Street Church of Evanston is proud to give local residents the ability to hear these fantastic speakers, as well as the artists who have already participated.