Being black is so empowering 



Because every time i look deep in my history, i find something even more amazing each time 

Something to treasure 

Something to celebrate about being black 

Juneteenth is the black Independence Day 

It has been called many many names such as Emancipation Day or Jubilee Day 

But regardless, It is our national day of freedom

But  The Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, the end of the cCivil war,  did not free all slaves 

Messages got lost 

Not all where apprised of this news 

 180,000  too many of our ancestors were still slaves in  Galveston Texas, in 1865 

It was 2.5 years after the War, and little did they know, they were free

In 1866, the firstjuneteenth celebration happend right under the balcony of the Ashton Villa , the former quarters of the Confederates States of America 

But even before then, 500,000-800,000 slaves of the 3.5 million, fought for freedom 

 Juneteenth is A day forever to be remembered 

A symbol of what we lost and gained  

Spirituals were sung 

Joy bursting from their hearts as they danced 

Freedom brought new found power 

Having a choice was empowering 

Some stayed, some stayed left 

Many built communities to thrive and survive in 

Time passed, and the glorious day was seen as “ un american” or “unpatriotic” by many of us 

Juneteenth became an almost distant memory because surviving became more prominent 

Mothers and Fathers were lynched in front of their children 

Families where starving 

No one knew if they were going to survive the next day 

But the need to celebrate our black pride pushed through 

150 years have gone by and we still celebrate this glorious day 

Today we are the living proof of black excellence 

The embodiment of pride 

Kings and queens  


It is embedded in our history