Even in these terrible times of global pandemic, persistent and virulent racial inequities and a spiraling economy, it is good to realize and acknowledge our blessings, even to make a list. Here’s mine:

– Good physical and emotional health: always # 1!

– Basics: a comfortable home, with all the necessary amenities.

– Blessing: a loving partner to share the confinement (and life) with.

– Blessings: loving children and grandchild, all in good health.

– Caring neighbors: to help us out and with whom to enjoy our community.

– Science: for rushing to provide a vaccine in record time to get us out from under this dark cloud.

– Modern medicine: for advanced health care. Imagine living in the Middle Ages, when bleeding was the standard treatment for disease and one “cure” for the plague included rubbing onions and chopped-up snakes on boils and it took centuries to figure out the cause and cure.

– Modern technology: for a good network connection!

– The RoundTable: to keep us current about all things important to (and fun in) Evanston.

– The news media in general: to inform, educate and entertain.

– Friends: to keep us honest and happy.

– Family: to keep us grounded and connected.

– Activities: biking through Evanston, going on long walks, tossing the frisbee with my son, playing Pickleball with friends and more.

– Passions: playing my wonderful viola, performing Mozart, Beethoven and the works of many other great composers with my string quartet friends.

– Artists: appreciating great art, literature and drama to help us study, understand and enjoy life.

– Music: The deepest solace in hard times and best companion in good. Everyone from Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington to Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder, Bach, Beethoven and Brahms to Miles Davis, Dylan and Steve Winwood, Richard Rodgers and George Gershwin to Shostakovich and Prokofiev. And hundreds more.

– America: for all her problems, incomparably varied and great, with millions of people who love her committed to making her better and help her live up to the promises of the Declaration.

– Northwestern: beautiful campus, terrific students and faculty, lots of great concerts and lectures.

– And not least, Evanston: the best place to live!