We, the presidents of the Unions in District 65 are standing together today representing over1000 staff. We want to jointly acknowledge and thank Dr. Horton and his team for including us in the planning process for the return of the academic work year.

We, as union leaders, along with other health experts, recognize that it would be best for students to be learning in an in-person school environment when possible. However, in these times of a global pandemic, we, as stakeholders, fully believe the social, emotional well being, health and safety of our staff, students, families and community are the first priority along with delivering high quality instruction to our students.

We received a copy of the guidance plan and we agree that the District has to begin the year with remote learning, given all the unknowns. Moving forward, we are looking for the best methods and proper protocols to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for our students, staff and educators. We know that these are unprecedented times and that no solution is going to be easy given the circumstances.

 We look forward to continued partnership to further operationalize the guidance document and to support the social, emotional and physical health and safety for our staff, students and families.

July 22, 2020

Natalie Copper, President of EACCP Dawn Jackson, President of ETAA Meg Krulee, President of DEC Dana Smalley, President of DESC Omar Whyte, Vice-President of ECMA