New Cases in Evanston. There were 4 new confirmed COVID-19 cases of Evanston residents today. The total number of cases is 844, according to data reported by the City.

In the last seven days, the City has reported an average of 2.7 new cases per day. The above chart shows the trend of COVID-19 cases of Evanstonians using data reported by the City.

In the last 19 days, one Evanston resident has lost their life due to COVID-19, and that was on July 11. The total number of Evanstonians who have died due to the virus is 71.

According to data provided by IDPH on July 17, a total of 53 residents or staff of long-term care facilities in Evanston have died due to COVID-19. Thus, about 75% of the deaths of Evanstonians due to COVID-19 were of residents or staff at long-term care facilities. Two facilities account for 39 of the deaths.

New Cases in Suburban Cook County, Chicago and Illinois: IDPH reported today there were 308 new cases of COVID-19 in Suburban Cook County and 352 in Chicago. This is first time in five days that Chicago has had more new cases than Suburban Cook County.

In the State there were 1,598 new cases today. This is the highest number of new cases in the State since May 29.

The number of new cases per day in the State is much lower than the average of 2,638 new cases per day in the seven day period ending May 8, but it is significantly higher than the average of 602 cases per day in the seven days ending June 19.

The trends for suburban Cook County, Chicago and the State are shown in the first two charts in the above chart box.

The number of deaths in Illinois due to COVID-19 increased by 23 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths due to COVID-19 in Illinois to 7,347.

Gov. JB Pritzker said today that he will not hesitate to impose “additional mitigations if a region breaches the metrics he announced a few weeks ago.

“We’re counting on City and County leaders doing what they know is right to protect their residents and we’re counting on local residents to hold their elected leaders accountable,” the Governor said. “Demand that they take action early so regions don’t have to undergo the challenges of staying at home or closing local businesses again.”

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