In a tangible way to reaffirm its commitment to the social justice measures underlying the mantra “Black Lives Matter,” Evanston’s Lake Street Church is offering rent and food relief to Black families in Evanston affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A total of $6,000 will be available in grants of up to $500, depending on each applicant’s circumstances. “The grants will be tailored to fit the requests,” said Reverend Michael Woolf, Senior Minister at Lake Street Church. The money can be used for rent or groceries.

Money raised from the congregation augmented a grant from The American Baptist Home Mission Society, a part of the church’s parent denomination, said Rev.  Woolf. “We care very deeply about Black Lives Matter and were looking at what we could do for the community.” In Evanston as across the country, the Black community was disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 virus in health and economic outcomes, he said.

The simple and straightforward application is available here. Applicants must attest they are Evanston residents and provide other information; the money collected so far will help at least 10 families, he said.