At an Illinois Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) facility in Des Plaines, I learned that, as a senior citizen, I would have to take a driving test to renew my driver’s license. 

Good grief.  I do not own a car. I mentioned this to a friend, and he encouraged me to go with him to the DMV facility in Deerfield where he would go to renew something for his car.  He said I could use his car for the test.

Hmm. Hoping to stall, I mentioned that I had until October, but my friend encouraged me to try sooner.

We went to the DMV on a Tuesday afternoon. The line there was very long and discouraging (thank goodness).  My friend suggested that we try again early in a morning. On that following Thursday morning, we arrived at the DMV around 8 a.m. The line was worse than it was on that Monday.  It appeared to be more than a mile long and was wrapped around itself. It was only the encouragement of my friend that made me get out of the car and stand at end of the line once I found it.

When standing in line, a DMV staff person came up to me and asked my age. I told her (but will not tell you), and she directed me to the line for seniors next to the DMV building. 

I went there and found a very short line. With my friend’s proof of car insurance, I entered the building, had my photo taken and then went to stand in line for a vision test and to answer questions pertaining to my driving record.

The DMV person who administered my vision test asked me the driving record questions and then directed me to an area to wait for the driving test was named Rick.

He was absolutely wonderful. He addressed me politely, gave directions and questions in a warm and patient way. I was so relieved when It turned out that Rick was the one to give me the driving test. His instructions during and after the test were given just as warmly and patiently as he had done prior to the driving test. 

 I  cannot express my great appreciation for Rick.  He calmed my nerves. I hope the Deerfield DMV knows and appreciates what a great employee/person it has in Rick. I am very grateful for my experience with him.

I greatly appreciate my friend Oliver Ruff for his patience and time devoted to taking me to the DMV facility and persuading me to try to get my license renewed, not to shy away from trying. He had no idea how encouraged I was by his comment that if I did not succeed the first time, I could try again.

Thanks, Oliver. You are truly a friend, and I am so grateful for your friendship and kindness. You are a blessing.