Recently the Executive Board of Unitarian Church of Evanston unanimously passed a resolution calling UCE to adopt the goals and principles of Evanston’s Climate Action Resilience Plan.  The plan sets targets for reducing carbon emissions and waste, and managing the canopy of and stormwater for the City and wider community.  

“This resolution articulates our shared values of environmental sustainability, accountability and justice” said Eileen Wiviott, acting Senior Minister at UCE. “Though the specifics of how we move toward the aspirations of this resolution will be unfolding, the staff, board, and leadership of UCE are committing to work together toward this important aim.”

The plan guides policy formation and decision making through principles like cost-effectiveness, measurable outcomes and a focus on equity. 

 “Adopting the plan doesn’t prescribe UCE to specific policies or procedures.  Rather it makes plain our aspirations to do our part for the environment, and respect the web of life” said Shirley Adams of the UCE Green Team. 

Board members agreed a plan would provide future board members a compass for setting priorities and decision making.  “Setting a goal to reduce energy use 30% by 2035 gives the board and management real latitude for setting objectives and determining policy” said Michael Drennan, the Green Team member proposing the resolution.  “The values identified also keep board and management accountable to the wider congregation.”