Playing on the urban legend of Ernest Hemingway’s bet-winning six-word story –  “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” – the New York Times challenged readers to describe their lives during the pandemic in just six words.

The stories, like those recently published in the Times, can reflect the distillation of a whole range of responses to the global threat, from humorous to somber.

The Evanston RoundTable is extending the same challenge to our readers: Capture the experience of COVID-19 in six words. We will share the best stories with the RoundTable audience.

Here are some examples:

“Virtual cocktails: better than drinking alone”

“For winter-loneliness and fur masks?”

“Newly flexible tickets to fly nowhere”

  Doctor’s appointment, pharmacy – this week’s highlights”

“Sugar fills holes in social life.”

  Remember when “stream” was a brook?”

   “Wine?”  “Fine.” “Dine?” “Decline.” “Vacation?” “Vaccination.”