The Evanston Public Library  is very pleased to be launching a new Laptop Vending Machine at the Robert Crown Library Branch, 1801 Main Street. The Laptop Vending Machine will be ready for use beginning Monday, October 5 for Evanston residents only.

“We are absolutely and continuously committed to meeting the diverse expectations and needs of Evanston residents. Providing ways for residents to have access to technology is an important part of that commitment. With the rise in un/underemployment, the need for computer hardware and internet connectivity at home has increased. We have been providing new and innovative approaches to bridging the digital divide for years. The Laptop Vending Machine is an addition to our efforts to support our families and bridge Evanston’s digital divide,” said Karen Danczak Lyons, Executive Director, EPL. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • The Evanston Public Library Laptop Vending Machine is located on the East wall outside of the Robert Crown Branch Library, and within the Robert Crown Community Center. Free parking is available.
  • Laptop checkout is available from 7 am – 9:30 pm, seven days a week. (Even when the Library is closed.)
  • The checkout period is two weeks (14 days).
  • Laptops may be checked out by Evanston residents only.
  • There are 12 laptops total; 6 Chromebooks which use Chrome OS, and 6 Dell laptops, which use Windows OS. Each comes with a charger.
  • To check out a laptop, you need an Evanston Public Library Card in good standing. There are no age restrictions.
  • You can check out one laptop at a time per Library Card. There is no need to come inside the Library to use the vending machine.
  • The laptop will be remotely shut off the day after the due date.
  • Lost/damage fee is $150 for the laptop and $10 for the charger.
  • Machines are wiped electronically after each return, so nothing can be saved or recovered. We encourage people to save on the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). If you need help with this, contact us at 847-448-8630 and Library staff can assist you.
  • The computers are cleaned after each use, during the pandemic.