Lost your diamond ring or batman wallet?  Check out the “Recently Recovered” page of the Evanston Police Department website. 

Believe one of these items below belongs to you?  Call (847) 866-5029 or click on the link to email the department and reference the case number.   Be prepared to provide a form of identification to claim your property.

About 5,000 items are turned into the Evanston Police Department (EPD) in a typical year, says Mike Wasowicz, whose duties as Forensic Services Manager include overseeing the registration, claims and disposal process for EPD’s Property Bureau.

Property “found” or “recovered” in Evanston is listed for 21 days; unclaimed items after 90 days are “subject to disposal”.

Mr. Wasowicz says  the vast majority of items are found and turned into the police station by the general public.  Some items are found by officers during their daily work. 

Most found items tend to be objects that people carry around on a regular basis, such as keys, wallets, jewelry and cell phones.  Abandoned bicycles are recurring items. Eighty bicycles were turned in to the department last year. 

Occasionally the Property Bureau receives items that “you would think people would miss,” observes Mr. Wasowicz, such as luggage or musical instruments.  The most unusual item? A prosthetic leg. No one claimed the prosthetic leg, he states. 

Mr. Wasowicz cannot recall a situation where a person falsely tried to claim property. And he observes that a large majority of items that are turned in are never claimed.

The webpage listing found items has been in place since 2012.  However, the webpage may not be common knowledge.  “A lot of people don’t think about going to the department site,” says Mr. Wasowicz. “We do get emails or people call to inquire about lost property; we refer them to the website.” 

Items that are not claimed within 90 days are either destroyed or sold at auction, conducted by a third-party.  Proceeds from auctioned items are minimal, says Mr. Wasowicz, and are transferred to the coffers of the City of Evanston. 

If you have lost an item, please check the Property Bureau website at http://www.papsnet.com/property_listing.php?A_Pid=552.  It may take a few days for a lost item to be turned in to the Property Bureau.  The Evanston Police Department is located at 1454 Elmwood Ave. 

Property Listed on the EPD Website as Found Oct. 13-20

Type           Description        

Backpack, Next Turbo – gray & yellow  

Bicycle, Bianci Siena – white    

Cell Phone, Black Samsung Galaxy A10e-found on 8/26/20     

Cell Phone, Black ZTE cellphone – gray case 

Electronics, Black Dell Laptop Computer         

Electronics, Freestyle Precision Pro Glucose Analyzer    

Electronics, White Apple Airpods  

Jewelry, 1 Women’s Diamond Ring  

Jewelry, Black Colored Metallic Ring / Possible Wedding    

Keys, Toyota Key on Key Ring     

Keys, Nissan Key Fob w/Keys and Tags        

Keys, Keys Found at 1130 Lake Shore 

Keys ,1 vehicle key/fob generic + 8 keys        

Keys, Gold InstaKey and other keys      

Keys. Black w/Chrome Audi Key Fob    

Other, Wireless earbuds, facial steamer

Other, Ventra Card       

Other, Eyeglasses – Found 9/25/20        

Other, Credit Card – Last Name COLE   

Other, Bank of America credit card- owner SINANI  

Other, MSU Visa Credit Card – Last Name GALVIN 

Other, Wisonsin License – Last Name KIMLA 

Wallet, Batman Wallet – owner last name LOPEZ     

Wallet, tan Zipper Wallet – owner NICHOLSON 9/25/20     

Wallet, Black & Blue Wallet    

Wallet, Pink Canvas Wallet