Evanston Public Library and Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago are partnering to teach parents, caregivers, and families how to talk to young people about HIV/AIDS, PrEP, and sexual health. A free Virtual Educational Session on HIV/AIDS and PrEP will be held on November 17, 7-8 pm over Zoom.

Young people are always observing, listening, and learning from others and from their world. There are so many ways over the years that one can connect and share messages about identities, bodies, and relationships. But some of those messages – and many of the most crucial ones – can be hard to get across.

It may be difficult to talk about topics like HIV/AIDS and sexual health because of stigma and shame, but this event can provide a good starting point and tools to have these important discussions with the young people in one’s life. This educational session will offer real-life examples of adults and youth having quick, meaningful conversations as they navigate these issues. 

The hour-long session will be provided by trained experts in sexual health, and all information is derived from the National Library of Medicine. Anyone looking for more information about PrEP, HIV/AIDS, and sexual health is welcome to attend. Please register, and contact Sergio Tundo at stundo@luriechildrens.org for more information. Registrants will receive a Zoom link to attend by email, 1-2 days prior to the event.