Construction on the Central Street Bridge project is beginning. Photo by Steve Norton

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… that this young buck has been strolling in the arboretum for the past few mornings.

… that street sweeping is not over for the season yet. Bright yellow notices posted over the regular street-cleaning signs advise that the street-sweepers will be coming around this month and next. And, in anticipation of the winter, the City is making contracts with towing companies for emergency snow towing.

… that the City has received a $3.5 million in Surface Transportation Program grant to help offset the $5 million cost of its Green Bay Corridor improvement project – from McCormick to Isabella on Green Bay and from Prairie to Poplar/Broadway on Central. The project will include reconstructed ramps that meet ADA requirements; modernized traffic signals; improved intersections, sidewalks and streetscape; and the resurfacing of that section of Green Bay Road. Phase 1, the engineering study, should be finished by the end of the yea; the design phase will begin next year.

… that, speaking of street improvements, there are a new crosswalk and stop sign at Foster at Dewey and a new ADA curb cut in front of Jacob Blake Manor on Emerson.

… that there are some new sculptures in parks around town, on lease by the artists. the bright red sculpture at the southeast end of Twiggs Park is “Strut” by Andrew Arvanetes. “Magical Thinking,” a rabbit popping out of at hat, by Gail Simpson, is in Eiden Park.

… that the Taurid meteor shower continues all month, with the South Taurids peaking tonight, Nov. 5 and the North Taurids on Nov. 12. The Taurids are not as plentiful or as showy as some others, such as the Perseids, but they do produce fireballs. Dr. Debra Byrd noted in Astronomy Essentials this week that the “waning gibbous moon will intrude on the South Taurid peak, whereas the rather slender waning crescent moon will be much less of a problem for the North Taurid peak.”

… that sliced bread (to which many things have been favorably compared) originated in the Midwest. In 1921 the Taggart Baking Company in Indianapolis introduced Wonder Bread. Continental Baking Company bought the Taggart company in 1925 and in 1930 introduced sliced bread.

From our readers: TG: Demolition of the central street bridge over the canal has started, plan accordingly. Steve Norton

From TG: Thank you, Mr. Norton. Looks like they started a few days early – this was supposed to begin on Monday. The City says the main construction will not begin until February. There will be access to Central Street for vehicles from Fire Station 3, emergency vehicles from Evanston Hospital and golf carts from Canal Shores. Some of this initial work will be to install sheet piling along the access drive for the fire station.  Crews will build the bridge from the bottom up, with pile foundations – the old ones are, well, old – piers, columns, abutments and wing walls. The new bridge will be wider, as will the walkway, to accommodate pedestrians, bicycles and golf carts. Beginning Monday, crews will be removing some trees (many will be replaced), clearing the embankment and setting up the staging area. The south half of the present bridge will be the first work/staging area. In late winter, crews will demolish the south half of the existing bridge, and there will be two-way traffic, one lane in each direction, on the north half. The contractor is Copenhaver Construction Inc. of Gilberts, Ill; Stanley Consultants will monitor the project. 

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that these next few golden days can shore up psyches against the coming cold gray winter. The maple trees are day-glo brilliant, and the fallen gingko leaves make a golden ring around each tree.

… that bicyclers and vehicle drivers alike should consider taking Ride Illinois’s bike safety quiz: