On Dec. 5, Evanston Police will be partnering with the Evanston Community Foundation, Christ Temple Missionary Baptist Church, and Carolyn Murray to host a gun buyback event. The event will take place from noon to 4 p.m. at Christ Temple Missionary Baptist Church, 1711 Simpson St.

Gun violence continues to be an issue that plagues society and has directly affected Evanston. With community safety being the goal and priority, this event allows for Evanston residents to turn in any unwanted firearms so they are not at risk of being stolen or misused.  This event is amnesty-based, which means that no arrest will be made for those turning in guns. The event is also open to residents of Skokie and the north side of Chicago.

Guns must be unloaded, fully assembled, and operable

Weapons should be transported in a case, bag, box or other supporting item or in the trunk of a vehicle

Participant must have ID and be a resident of Evanston, Skokie or the north side of Chicago.

The event is first come, first served.

The buyback will be $100 per gun. 

Ammunition and other gun-related items can also be brought in.

There will be no arrests, as this is amnesty-based.

Masks are required to attend the event.

Social distancing must be practiced.

Amnesty based gun buyback events are an opportunity to get guns out of the community and disposed of properly.  Guns that are turned in are destroyed in accordance with local and federal guidelines.