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One more mayoral candidate and five more aldermanic candidates have filed petitions for the April 2021 General Election.

Sebastian Nalls has filed for mayor, and Tina Foster, Bobby Burns, Thomas Suffredin, Devon Reid and Cicely Fleming have filed for alderman.

The Lineup So Far

For Mayor: Daniel Biss, Lori Keenan and Sebastian Nalls;

For City Clerk: Jane Grover and Stephanie Mendoza;

For First Ward: Judy Fiske (incumbent) and Clare Kelly;

For Second Ward: Peter Braithwaite (incumbent) and Darlene Cannon;

For Third Ward: Melissa Wynne (incumbent);

For Fourth Ward: Diane Goldring, Jonathan Nieuwsma and Donald Wilson (incumbent);

For Fifth Ward: Bobby Burns, Tina Foster and Carolyn Murray;

For Sixth Ward: Thomas Suffredin (incumbent) and Katherine Trippi;

For Seventh Ward: Eleanor Revelle (incumbent) and Mary Rosinski;

For Eighth Ward: Matthew Mitchell, Ann Rainey (incumbent) and Devon Reid;                           

For Ninth Ward: Cicely Fleming (incumbent) 

Election Information From the City Clerk’s Office

Nov. 23, deadline for filing petitions 

Nov. 30, last day for filing objections to nomination papers of candidates who filed during the filing period.

Dec. 17, last day to file a withdrawal of candidacy with the Clerk’s office and the last day for the local election official to certify candidates, offices and any referenda questions to the election authority.

Dec. 24, last day to file a notarized Declaration of Intent to be a Write-in candidate.

Jan. 24, last day for filing petitions for referenda for the submission of questions of public policy with the local election authority.”

Feb. 23, 2021, Primary Election, if necessary

April 6, Consolidated Election


Bob Seidenberg

Bob Seidenberg is an award-winning reporter covering issues in Evanston for more than 30 years. He is a graduate of the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism.