Due to COVID budget cuts, the Main-Dempster Mile is unable to put holiday lights in the usual number of trees in the district, so the business association is calling on neighbors to help make the streetscape joyful and happy. Three winners will win $100 each! Reserve a tree by emailing Katherine@maindempstermile.com


Any unlit tree on the following blocks (several trees are already reserved, CLICK HERE to see which trees have been claimed already).

600-1300 block of Chicago Ave

1300 block of Sherman or Sherman Place

500, 600, 700 and 800 blocks of Dempster St

500, 600, 700 and 800 blocks of Main St

900 block of Sherman

800 block of Custer

700 block of Washington St


Tree trunks only, or whatever you can hang while standing on the sidewalk — no ladders or stepstools allowed.

Decorators must be willing to either remove their own decorations after the contest is over, no later than January 3rd), or make arrangements to do same (we can help! Just let us know.)

Reserve your tree by 1) commenting in the discussion with the address of the tree or by emailing or texting the address of your preferred tree to katherine@maindempstermile.com or call 847-448-0748

Decorations must be firmly affixed to your tree, but not in any way that harms the tree. No staples or nails. Anything that is affixed by rope or zip tie must not girdle the tree too tightly. . 

Decorations must not extend into the right of way.

Decorations ideally will be up by November 28 

Winners will be chosen on December 21.

Two winners will be chosen by a panel of judges, and one winner will be chosen by Facebook votes

Three winners will win $100 apiece

Decorations must be removed by Jan. 3