A number of our readers took our six-word story challenge expressing in a minimum of words their reasons for gratitude even in a minimalist Thanksgiving. Here are our favorites:

Can’t come. Will call or write.

–John Brown

Alone together with music to spare

–Ellen Rayfield

Zoom in a time of stasis

–Patty Baker

Voters: GA, PA, WI, MI, AZ

–Karen Larkin Young

Only 35 more days of 2020

–Anita Gewurz

Zoom “recess” with Olive and Arthur

–Helen Gagel

Can love my family through Zoom!

–Julie Kaufman

People who genuinely seek racial equity

–Sarah Vanderwicken

Our garden has never looked better.

–Michael Graham

Walking by the lake every day

–Jean E. Shedd

And finally, a story with a creative take on the challenge:

In six words: Our grandchild tasting make-believe soup.

In five words: Some money in every pocket.

In four words: Dormant forsythia buds waiting.

In three words: Love you, too.

In two words: Let’s eat!

In one word: Amen.

–Angla Platt