Sometimes lost keys can be found on the "Recently Recovered" page of the Evanston Police Department website. RoundTable photo of keys not from Police Department page,

Bicycles, keys and a Samsung Galaxy phone are some of the items waiting to be claimed at the Evanston Police Department’s Property Bureau. These are somewhat typical of the nearly 5,000 items turned into the Evanston Police Department in a typical year, says Mike Wasowicz, whose duties as Forensic Services Manager include overseeing the registration, claims and disposal process for EPD’s Property Bureau.

Most “found” or “recovered” items make their way to the Police Department through the general public, though police officers in their daily work find and bring in apparently ownerless property. Wallets, keys, jewelry, cell phones – even bicycles – regularly appear on the list. At times there have been items that many would miss or be glad to have back, such as musical instruments and luggage, Officer Wasowicz said.

Each item is listed for 21 days; unclaimed items after 90 days are “subject to disposal” – either destroyed or sold at auction, with the proceeds going to the City of Evanston.

Although the EPD has maintained the “Recently Recovered” page on its website for eight years, it may still be relatively unknown to the general public. Callers about lost property are referred to the webpage. Still, many items remain unclaimed, and Officer Wasowicz said he did not think anyone had tried to fraudulently claim an item.

The most recent list of recovered items is taken from the EPD’s Recently Recovered page.

Anyone who has lost an item may check the Property Bureau website here.  It may take a few days for a lost item to be turned in to the Property Bureau. The Evanston Police Department is located at 1454 Elmwood Ave.

Found and Waiting to be Claimed: Description and Date Listed

Bicycle, Mongoose LXS, white with pink, listed 11/9

Bicycle, Giant MTX red kids bike, listed 11/23

Bicycle, black and green Tony Hawk Subculture, 11/15

Bicycle, purple Next Tiara, 11/11

Cell phone, black Samsung Galaxy S7, 11/16

Honda key/fog, HID ProxKey fob, plus one silver key, 11/23

HID ProxKey fob, 3 keys and canvas keychain, 11/12

Ecolab Hygiene Dispenser, 11/23

IL B truck license plate – owner FERRILL, 11/23

Red debit card with no owner or bank name, 11/23

North Carolina DL, owner LEOTA, 11/16

Credit card and debit card, last name HOFF, 11/19

IDES debit card, last name CAVINES, 11/17