Fire Apparatus Operator Dan Philipaitis Photo from Evanston Fire Department

The Evanston Fire Department has announced the promotion of Fire Apparatus Operator (FAO) Megan Kamarchevakul to the rank of Fire Captain and Firefighter/Paramedic Dan Philipaitis to the rank of Fire Apparatus Operator, both effective Dec. 7.

Fire Captain Kamarchevakul has served Evanston for the last 10 years. She has proved to be a dedicated member of the department, working tirelessly to improve the department’s delivery of emergency medical services as well as leading important community engagement and public education programming. She also is a member of the department’s Surface and Underwater Rescue Teams.

As an Emergency Medical Services coordinator, Capt. Kamarchevakul was instrumental in implementing the latest technologies in order to improve patient care in the field, including advancements in video laryngoscope technology and cloud-based patient reporting and communications systems that have helped to improve intubation success rates and EMS trend analysis respectively. 

Capt. Kamarchevakul has served as the leader of the department’s Fire Explorer Program since its inception in 2012 and has served as an instructor in the EFD/Evanston Township High School’s Public Safety Program. Both programs teach Evanston youth about a career in firefighting and EMS. She is also a member of the department’s Public Education Team, educating more than 7,000 primary school students a year in fire and life safety topics. 

Capt. Kamarchevakul holds a Master of Science degree in biology from Northeastern Illinois University.

Fire Apparatus Operator Philipaitis started his career in 2011. He holds numerous specialized training certifications and has proved to be a dedicated member of the department over his nine-year career.  His promotion to Fire Apparatus Operator position involves taking on a critically important role within the department as it involves driving and operating highly specialized fire apparatus, pumps, and aerial ladders in addition to his regular firefighting and paramedic duties. He has also served as an executive board member of the Evanston Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 742, for the last four years.

FAO Philipaitis holds a bachelor’s degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University.