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The Evanston History Center invites people to participate in Capturing History: Evanston 2020, a time capsule to be housed at the Charles Gates Dawes house and opened in 2031.

 This is a unique opportunity to be part of history by submitting an artifact that represents this memorable/unique time in history. We are making history everyday! This time capsule will  help the next generation to recognize and understand that this era was truly a historic event. This will also provide an opportunity for meaningful, personal remembrance and perspective for those of us who experienced this time.

 The history center will host safe, socially distanced artifacts submission events. Please submit a time capsule submission drop-off reservation form to make a reservation to deliver your object. On site signage will direct visitors to the event. 

 Your submission will be reviewed by a jury of Evanston VIPs.  The jury will choose the artifacts that most exemplify 2020. We reserve the right to reject submissions.  Once donated all artifacts are the property of EHC. Not all artifacts will be added to the Time Capsule. Artifacts may or may not be permanently added to the collection. Donors will not have access to the artifacts once they are submitted for consideration. 

 There is no cost to participate but a donation of at least $10 to the Evanston History Center would be welcome. More information is available at www.evanstonhistorycenter.org