Evanston Mayor Stephen Hagerty today announced that Santa’s visit to the city has been deemed “essential business,” after a meeting of the City’s COVID-19 Response Team.

“With more than 27,000 households in Evanston, the City wanted to ensure that Santa was taking all necessary precautions to spread cheer – and not COVID-19 – during his visit,” Mayor Hagerty said. “And Santa wanted the City’s assurance that our residents – especially children – were doing everything they could to keep each other safe and healthy.”

Mayor Hagerty reported that Santa agreed to visit Evanston, but only if children were on their best behavior and continued to follow public health guidance, including the following:

·        Staying at least six feet away from those outside of their own household – including Santa;

·        Wearing a face covering when maintaining a six-foot distance from others is not possible;

·        Washing hands frequently and thoroughly.

“2020 has been more than enough coal in our stockings. Let’s all do our part to ensure a safe holiday season,” Mayor Hagerty said.