A number of people are grieving the loss of loved ones this year. Confronting the loss of a close friend or family member, coronavirus related or not, is even more difficult amid a pandemic that requires physical distancing and prevents gathering with others to mourn. Many of the most comforting practices and customs, rooted in the social nature of human beings, have been upended, making the grieving process particularly difficult.

The names that appear below include some of the Evanston residents and former Evanston residents who have died in 2020. Also included are names of people who have died this year, leaving grieving family members who reside in Evanston.

The list is a tribute to all who are no longer among us, for whom we collectively grieve. Many of us are cherishing memories that have been a lifetime in the making, and will be a source of strength as we move forward.

We know that this list is incomplete, because it contains only the names submitted to the RoundTable by family members or other public mention. it includes few of the 94 Evanston residents who died from COVID-19. The RoundTable received from Cook County the names of Evanstonians who died from COVID-19. Because they were not submitted to us by friends or family, we chose in the interests of privacy not to publish them. If family members wish to send names of their loved ones who died this year, we will add those to this list.


Mickey “Three” Alexander

Mustafa Cadet “Stan” Azeem 

Milton Belcher

Suzanne Raphael Berkson

Ryan Bost

Mitch Boursiquot

Joan Mansfield Brannigan

TaKiyah Lanika Braxton

Leo Edward Bryant Jr.

Joey Cade

Sidney Caselberry

Nathan Clark

Vivian Dacres 

Peter Alastair Dickson

Madelyn “MD” Ducré

Mary J. Earl

Gary Eanes

Stuart Allen Evans

G. William “Bill” Friedlander

Harriet Treon Friedlander

Susan Frolichstein

Willie Mae Gibert

Oliver T “Henry” Grant 

Weyler Frank Greene

Jerome Handler

Madeline  Henry 

Betty Ivery

Cyril Jablo

Robert Janes

Lisa Lane Jaggers  

Diana Lynn Johnson

David Jones

John T. Kessler

Vicki Kirksey

Joseph Lewis Kromash

Carol Kur

Alexander “Sandy” Lamberg

Jim Lindholm

Louise Cadet Trompetre Lauture

Loyless Lee Jr.

Darren Love

Ivalee Love

Rodney Lowe

Michelle Maxwell

Mrs. Irma Dillard-McGee Davis 

Vanola Milam

Terri Ann Moore  

Eric Moore

Rose Ann Morales-Thomas

Arturo Munoz

Daniel Murray

Barbara Anne Lloyd Nickels

David Alan Pituch

Hecky Powell

John J. Quinn, Jr.

Patricia Roth

Rev. Jerry (Napolean) Ruff

Ernest Smith

Sylvia Sorter

Diana Tomb

Deashawn Turner

Clarence “CJ” Weaver Jr.

Andre White

Joyce White

Andrew Williams

Howard Wingfield

Alma Lockwood Wright Woods

Gloria Woods

Joyce “Juicy” Woods